Warner Canyon Ski Area is a smaller ski hill in the state of Oregon but it certainly does not lack character or charm. With an equal amount of beginner and intermediate trails, skiers and snowboarders will enjoy a day on the slopes here all winter long. The trails are around a mile long which means beginners will have plenty of time and opportunity to work on improving their ski skills. Intermediate skiers can also enjoy the longer trails as they perfect those turns and tricks down the mountain. Warner Canyon Ski Area also averages about thirty inches of fresh powder every month so riders can be sure the ski season will last all winter.

Budget friendly conditions

Skiers and snowboarders on a budget typically love the great prices of Warner Canyon Ski Area’s lift tickets. The cost for an adult for a day out on the slopes is around thirty dollars for a full day and twenty-five for a half. It’s recommended that you don’t vote for the half-day tickets with prices this low you should get out and enjoy a full day of skiing. Plus all seasoned skiers and snowboarders know that the best snow and hill conditions are first thing in the morning!

Pamper yourself

Warner Canyon Ski Area also offers the much loved Hot Springs. After a long day in the cold and working muscles you may not have even heard of before, you will definitely love to pamper yourself at Hunter’s Hot Spring Resort. The hot springs at this resort have been proven to be mineral rich and provide health benefits for those who bathe in it. Natural hot springs are known to help relieve tension and stress in sore muscles, which is perfect for you after a day on Warner Canyon Ski Area.

Safety first

Warner Canyon Ski Area, like most other ski resorts, believe safety is incredibly important for anyone who is looking to enjoy a day on the hills. With certified ski patrols that roam the hills during operating hours, skiers can feel safe knowing help is always nearby. Skiers and snowboarders should take safety into their own hands as well. Always make sure you are watching where you are going when skiing down a hill. Quick reaction times may sometimes be necessary, especially when there are many other skiers on the hill with you. Always make sure to wear a helmet. No matter how you choose to enjoy your stay at Warner Canyon Ski Area, you should always make sure to stay safe on the slopes.