The Timberline Lodge provides a plethora of things for the visitors in the area with everything from winter activities to summer ones and beyond. When visiting this area, finding the perfect Timberline Lodge lodging accommodations is essential. You want to make the most of your ski time vacation, but also want to be sure you have the best place to lay your head when the time comes. The lodging options are plentiful and provide you with a way to have fun while giving you a great place to relax when you’re done playing.

Accommodations On the Property

The Timberline Lodge is known for their lodge. This historic, beautiful, rustic lodge provides enough space for the smallest to the largest group of people visiting the mountain. The lodge offers a lot with each of their rooms both inside the room and outside of them.

The heated sauna and hot tubs provide the visitors with a way to relax after a long day of hitting the slopes, while the comfortable feather beds provide comfort throughout the night. Each of the rooms varies in size, so you’re easily able to accommodate your entire group of people that come on vacation with you. The rooms also range in style and architecture with their unique look and feel to them.

Hotels Off the Property

Many partner hotels are located nearby off the mountain, and you can book your stay with them. They also provide ski and stay packages for all those that are looking to stay with them, but also hit the slopes when the time comes.

The Timbers Motel is one of the most visited places to stay while you’re visiting the hotel for your vacation. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and provide enough room for everyone. You can enjoy more affordable rates, as well as amenities and restaurants that are just around the corner. There is plenty for everyone to do.

The M Ashland Motel is a smaller sized motel that provides the user with a way to enjoy the scenic views around them, as well as the pool and other amenities at the motel. The rooms are spacious and provide clean sheets, even cleaner bathrooms and a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle that you might find within other nearby hotels or Timberline Lodge lodging choices.

The Best Western is a more upscale hotel that provides the visitors with breakfast, a comfortable room and a great atmosphere. Located right in the city, you can enjoy more out of spending your time on the slopes but also by choosing the best room for you.

Have a great time on the slopes in this area, but make sure to book your Timberline Lodge lodging accommodations sooner, rather than later. Their lodge is one of the first areas to fill up because of how much it offers and how close it is to the skiing. Be able to enjoy your stay with them when you book a room you will love to sleep in before heading out to those snow covered hills.