Cooper Spur Ski Resort has a very long history of providing fun on the mountain for skiers and snowboarders for decades. Actually founded in the late 1800’s, this family-owned and operated mountain is a staple in the state of Oregon. The original owners, David Rose, his wife Marian and their ten children built the ski hill and resort with their bare hands. While many things have changed at the ski hill, the down to earth nature of the resort has not. Head up for a weekend or a week with the family and friends and enjoy amazing skiing, family fun and memories that will last for years.

Resort Amenities

Cooper Spur Ski Resort offers skiers and snowboarders home cooked meals at the Crooked Tree Tavern. This affordable food joint will keep your bellies full all morning or afternoon so you can enjoy more time on the snow. You also should not miss out on the ‘happy hour’ or Apres as skiers call it. Grab a beer after a long day out on the slopes knowing you’ve earned it!

The great thing about Cooper Spur Ski Resort are all of the different options when it comes to accommodations. With stays that suit any budget or type, skiers and snowboarders will find something to please them. There are hotel rooms at the Lodge Hotel Suite for those looking for a more luxurious stay at the mountain. The rooms are rustic and cozy, keeping you comfortable and making sure you are well rested for your next day on the slopes. For those looking for a more basic or budget-friendly accommodation they will find solace in the cabins located at the mountain. While they may not be as luxurious as the hotel rooms, they are the perfect accommodations for people on a budget or looking to have their own kitchen and living room.

Don’t miss out on the lessons

Cooper Spur Ski Resort has certified ski and snowboard instructors to help teach beginners the ropes, or help to improve the skills of more advanced skiers. Lessons are available daily. There are group lessons available, which are more cost-friendly for skiers that are on a budget. The two-hour lessons are offered for adults or children of all ages. Private lessons are also available. Generally these lessons last for about an hour and are also offered for children or adults of any age. No matter how long you have been skiing for, learning to perfect your skills is never a bad thing!