Willamette is located southeast of Eugene in the Cascade Range. This resort is medium sized, with 550 acres of skiing and 29 named trails. With its location in the Cascades, Willamette receives over 430 inches of snow per year, attracting powderhounds from all over the west coast. No matter where you’re coming from, if you plan on experiencing the champagne, you need lift tickets. Discount Willamette Pass lift tickets are easy to find as long as you follow a couple of tips.

Getting to the Pass on the Cheap

Looking for discount Willamette Pass lift tickets isn’t something you want to put off until the last minute. The worst thing you can do for your wallet is put off shopping for lift tickets until the last minute. Resorts like Willamette will put out blocks of lift tickets for presale, often at deep discounts. These presales sell out quickly and can be a huge pain to keep track of. Thankfully, you’ve got us to do that for you.

When you let our expertise in finding discount Willamette Pass lift tickets work for you, you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Whether you’re planning on a weekend with friends or a weeklong excursion, we’ll have all of the best information right at hand. And with our help, we can guarantee you’ll save at least 20 percent off the walk-up price. That means more of your hard earned cash stays in your wallet where you can put it to better use.

Avoid Walk-up Pricing

If you’re interested in saving money and getting discount Willamette Pass lift tickets, you should remember one thing. The walk-up price at the window is the last place you want to get your lift tickets. Just like any other ticketed resort, that price is going to be the highest you will ever pay, anywhere. With no cap on the number of tickets that can be sold, there’s nobody that will sell them for higher. The good side to this is that anywhere else you get your lift tickets from will be cheaper. That also means that when you book your lift tickets through us, you can be assured that you’re seeing the best deals available.

Another part of window pricing that can be misleading is the allure of the half-day ticket. Trust us when we tell you that these are a bad idea. You are saving a few dollars off the full day walk-up price, but you’re also giving up half the days’ worth of skiing. Additionally, think of what time you’re giving up. Mornings are the best time to hit the slopes. They’ve been freshly groomed and the new powder hasn’t been tracked up and iced over yet. You’re also on vacation. Why are you giving up a morning of your vacation time for that small savings?