Skiing has become an increasingly popular vacation choice in the past few years. Gone are the days of summer vacations to the beach; instead, people are flocking to the mountain in the winter to devour expert steeps or take their very first turn on a pair of skis. Still, whether you eat double blacks for breakfast or stick to the bunny hills, you’re going to need a lift ticket to get onto the slopes. Lift tickets get fairly pricy, especially if you’re going skiing for an entire week. Thankfully, there are easy ways to score some discount Timberline Lodge lift tickets so you can save some money on your vacation.

Say No to the Window

Listed below are the walk-up prices for lift tickets at Timberline. If you want to be money smart, don’t ever pay that price. Seriously, those are the prices reserved for people who don’t realize that you can get discount Timberline Lodge lift tickets easily. The resort is counting on you getting to the slopes without a lift ticket already purchased; knowing that you’re going to pay whatever it takes to get out onto the slopes. Again, you don’t have to pay these prices; it’s easy to get your discount lift tickets.

Skip Half-Days Too

Don’t make the other mistake of thinking that half-day tickets are a good way to save money. The half-day at Timberline starts at noon, but you only get about a 10-dollar discount. With nighttime skiing available on the weekends through most of the peak season, getting a full ticket is still a better deal than just getting a half-day. After all, even if you get to the slopes at noon, paying full price, you’re still going to get a full nine hours of skiing in. Unless you’re just planning on hitting the slope at night or going on a weekday after twelve, stick with the full day ticket.

How to Save Money on Lift Tickets

The best way to save money on your lift tickets is to plan ahead as far as you can. When you know you’re heading to Timberline, hop online and check with us. We have all of the best deals for discount Timberline Lodge lift tickets and we are continually updating our information. Let us help you make the best decision for your vacation. After all, you’re the one going to have the best time you can, so there’s no sense in wasting money that you don’t have to.

Other Ways of Saving

If you can’t find a date with a discount you like, check into ski and stay packages in the Mt Hood area. Timberline has collaborated with several local hotels to bundle lift tickets in with the cost of lodging. The overall cost is significantly less than you would pay for each individually, and this is a great way to get a no-fuss discount Timberline Lodge lift ticket. Another way to save some cash if you’re going for a week is to grab a flex pass. This gives you five days of skiing for about $50 per day. The great part is that it opens up two days so you can hit other mountains or see the sights around Hood.