Nestled deep in the Mt. Hood National Forest, the Skibowl offers the largest night skiing area in the United States. Located close to Portland, over 65 named trails draw tourists and locals alike. 960 acres of skiing and a 1500-foot vertical welcome skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Still, to hit these slopes, day or night, you have to get lift tickets. Discount Mt Hood Skibowl lift tickets aren’t difficult to get, but a lot of people don’t know how. That’s where we come in.

Discounts the Easy Way

The first thing you want to do when you’re looking for discount Mt Hood Skibowl lift tickets is to plan ahead as far as you can. When you plan ahead, you get your pick of the savings that are available. That’s because resorts like the Skibowl put tickets up for presale, often at really good discounts. However, those presales sell out very quickly, so the sooner you start planning your vacation and skiing, the more dates you can choose from. Still, finding these discounts can be a little frustrating.

That’s where we come in. With our help, you can have all the information on the discounts available right at your fingertips. We have all of the discount Mt Hood Skibowl lift tickets that are available, and we’re constantly updating our database. That means you will have everything you need to find the dates with the most savings that match up with your vacation plans. That’s what this is all about after all. Your vacation being the best it can be while keeping as much of your hard earned money in your wallet. Additionally, when you book with us, we can guarantee you’ll save at least 20 percent off the walk-up prices and in most cases, more.

Saying No to Wasting Money

Speaking of walk-up prices, know that if you get to the resort without discount Mt Hood Skibowl lift tickets already in hand, you’re going to be throwing money away. That’s because the walk-up prices at the resort window are the highest prices you’ll pay for lift tickets anywhere. With no occupancy maximum, the Skibowl can sell as many tickets as will sell. That means there’s nowhere that can charge higher for entry. On the other hand, that means that anywhere else you get your lift tickets will be less expensive.

When it comes to half-day tickets, you should pretend they don’t exist. You’re on vacation, and you shouldn’t be sacrificing any of the time you have on the slopes to save a few dollars. Especially when you consider that half-days require you to miss out on the mornings. Mornings at any ski resort are the Holy Grail, when the snow has been freshly groomed and the runs are nothing but corduroy. Why would you give that up just to save a couple of bucks? The only time you should ever consider a half-day ticket is when you’re at the resort just before or after the cutoff time.